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What is Earwax?

It may come as a surprise to many but it is true; earwax is good for the health of your ears. It plays a vital role in helping combat harmful bacteria and debris which can result in infection.


Earwax is produced naturally by glands within your ear canal. The colours can vary from yellow through to dark brown as it oxidises.


The majority of the time your body will naturally create a healthy amount of wax, although on some occasions wax can compact and become hard. This can potentially lead to issues such as loss of hearing and irritation of the ear canal. In short, too much earwax can block your ears.


Tip: The darker the wax the older and more compact it is.

Ear Wax removal

What causes a build-up of wax?

Although the build up of wax is natural, other factors can play a part, meaning too much wax is produced. Having hairy, narrow or ‘S’ shaped ear canals can cause a build up of wax.


The most common cause of wax buildup is in-house removal. People using cotton buds may further compact the wax. Other objects in the ear such as ear plugs, earphones and hearing devices can also contribute.


Tip: Hearing device users are more prone to a build up of wax and should have their ears checked annually.

How to Remove Earwax


Our audiologist Ann Marie Kelly provides free consultations. If any action is required she will provide advice and discuss the options available to you. Gone are the days of using cotton buds.


Our specialist uses microsuction to remove earwax. Miscrosuction is a quick and safe way to remove a build up of wax. No liquids will be used inside the ear. In the medical profession, this procedure is accepted as the safest and most comfortable method of wax removal.


We aim to offer you complete peace of mind. Should you have any queries or want to know more about earwax, please do not hesitate to contact our audiologist today.

Problems caused by Earwax


Earwax build up can result in the following symptoms:


• Ears feeling itchy
• Earache
• Tinnitus - a ringing sensation in the ear

 • Loss of hearing

 • Infection



Earwax can also have an impact on hearing device users in the following ways:


• Damage to the hearing device

• The need to clean your hearing device more frequently
• A whistling noise being produced by the hearing device
• Discomfort when wearing your hearing device

Ear Wax test

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