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woman holds a contact lens

Contact Lenses

Almost everyone can now be fitted for contact lenses. If you decide that contact lenses are for you, we’ll help you through the whole process from checking your eligibility to our comprehensive aftercare service. Finding the perfect lenses for you can be difficult but our team works hard to make sure your contact lens experience is a positive one.

Woman wearing contact lens

Contact Lens Assessments 

This is your first step to wearing contact lenses. An experienced optometrist will check your eligibility for contact lenses, test and measure your eyes to see which type will suit you best, and discuss your lifestyle requirements. This information will be used to offer you a recommended pair of contact lenses for you to try out.

The Different Types Of Contact Lenses

There are a huge variety of contact lenses designed for different types of use and specific eye conditions. Soft lenses are the most common and these can be used as daily or monthly disposables. Less common are rigid gas permeable lenses, which have a different set of benefits. We also offer many types of specialist lenses for conditions like astigmatism and myopia. Your optometrist will guide you through the different types to help you find the ones that are right for you.

Woman inserting contact lenses
Contact lenses for children

Myopia Control Contact Lenses (For Children & Teens)

Myopia, or shortsightedness, is one of the most common vision problems in childhood. The condition makes objects in the distance blurry and tends to get worse over time. Myopia cannot be treated but new lens technology is available that drastically slows down the progression of myopia so children can enjoy better vision for longer. We offer specialised contact lenses that have been shown to be extremely effective in controlling myopia.

Aftercare And Advice

Aftercare is an important part of using contact lenses, even if you are not having any problems with them. During aftercare appointments, your optometrist will retest your eyes to see if your vision profile is changed or if the contact lenses are having any other effects. This way, we can ensure that your vision stays clear and your eyes stay healthy. If you’re looking for any advice about contact lenses or considering making a change, aftercare appointments offer a great opportunity.

Contact lens solution
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