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Hearing Care

Hearing Care 

We are proud to offer a fantastic hearing health care service for all our valued patients and families. Our audiologist is highly trained to offer you the highest quality of hearing care, as well as impartial advice for your hearing difficulties.

  • Free hearing test full screening 

  • Ear wax removal 

  • Advise on tinnitus and tinnitus management. 

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Ear Health


Hearing Loss





What is Earwax?

It may come as a surprise to many but it is true; earwax is good for the health of your ears. It plays a vital role in helping combat harmful bacteria and debris which can result in infection.


Earwax is produced naturally by glands within your ear canal. The colours can vary from yellow through to dark brown as it oxidises.


The majority of the time your body will naturally create a healthy amount of wax, although on some occasions wax can compact and become hard. This can potentially lead to issues such as loss of hearing and irritation of the ear canal. In short, too much earwax can block your ears.


Tip: The darker the wax the older and more compact it is.

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